Floor beds & toddler beds

I am often asked when a child can be moved to a Toddler or Floor Bed. I am a big fan of floor beds: it allows children more space, respects their right to get up and play if they are not ready to go to sleep and supports their growing […]

Diet, Exercise and Sleep

Following on from last week’s blog about Exercise for Children, this week we look at how exercise, diet and sleep work together to promote a healthy child. As I said last week, exercise has many benefits for children and adults. Keeping active with a healthy balanced diet can greatly impact […]

Exercise for children

Exercise is very important for both children and adults. Developing these habits early on can help ensure it becomes a part of everyday life, supporting growth and development throughout childhood. Here is a guide to help you know how much exercise your child should be getting and why. Babies Even […]

Sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry is natural and to be expected. Children want to be the centre of your attention and find it difficult to adjust when a new baby comes along. There can be plenty of conflict, particularly when children are close together in age, as your older child is unable to […]

From Co-Regulation to Self-Regulation

What is self-regulation? Self-regulation is the ability to manage our thoughts, feelings and actions. The ability to self-regulate starts developing during infancy, right the way through to adolescence. Learning to share, resolve conflict and problem solving are all related to the ability to self-regulate. What is co-regulation? Before children can […]

Connecting with the children under your care

When I support parents and carers, I spend a lot of time talking about ‘connection’. How we physically and emotionally connect with our child is so important for well-being and development, not just for our child but us too. During the day, we can reconnect in many ways but at […]

Keeping children entertained in the car

I am sure there are many of you who will be travelling in the car over the Christmas holidays. This can be really stressful for both children and adults. Children do not generally enjoy sitting in one place, particularly for long periods of time, and particularly when strapped in a […]

Sensory Play – 10 things you need to know

Sensory play is any activity that stimulates at least one of your child’s senses. This could be hearing, sight, touch, smell or taste. It also includes play that involves movement or balance. You might have seen other parents using play dough, cold pasta or making their own sensory box. Sensory experiences […]