Connecting with the children under your care

When I support parents and carers, I spend a lot of time talking about ‘connection’. How we physically and emotionally connect with our child is so important for well-being and development, not just for our child but us too. During the day, we can reconnect in many ways but at […]

New dates announced for three training sessions

With the New Year comes the chance to attend more of my online courses! I’m delighted to announce the following sessions and dates: Back to Basics – Foundations of Healthy Sleep for Children – Saturday, 28th January at 4pm GMT. Managing Child Meltdowns from 18 months to 4 years – […]

Working with a Sleep Consultant: what can I expect?

Asking for help with anything personal is a massive step. It can feel strange opening up to someone you don’t know well when it involves sharing parts of your family life. However, working with someone from outside the family can be helpful in being able to have a non-biased view […]