Alternatives to rewards systems

Last week, I talked about whether we should be rewarding children for their behaviour. We looked at why so-called Reward Charts can be ineffective in the long term, even though they may be a quick fix. After a while, the child either gets bored or the stakes increase and they […]

To reward or not to reward?

For many years, “reward charts” were very common among parents. It was a way to motivate children to behave in certain ways, but the difficulties with this approach are: We are not looking at or acknowledging what our child is feeling, what their struggles are and understanding what is behind […]

Exercise for children

Exercise is very important for both children and adults. Developing these habits early on can help ensure it becomes a part of everyday life, supporting growth and development throughout childhood. Here is a guide to help you know how much exercise your child should be getting and why. Babies Even […]

Sibling rivalry

Sibling rivalry is natural and to be expected. Children want to be the centre of your attention and find it difficult to adjust when a new baby comes along. There can be plenty of conflict, particularly when children are close together in age, as your older child is unable to […]

The dangers of Helicopter Parenting

As parents, we want to protect our children and create a loving and happy environment to grow up in. However, sometimes parents can be too protective and supportive and, in these cases, can have a negative impact on the child’s development as they get older. When your child is a […]

Overwhelming childhood emotions

When children are struggling with their emotions, and have become overwhelmed, we need to give them a safe space and time to calm down. This might mean moving them to a different room or area to keep your child and others safe, particularly if they or others are getting hurt. […]

Responding to crying

Are you jolted by your baby’s slightest expression of discomfort or dismay? Is your natural instinct to do anything in your power to stop your baby crying? When their cries aren’t easily settled, it can be unnerving, frustrating and you can feel like a complete failure. You may shush, jiggle, […]