Keeping children entertained in the car

I am sure there are many of you who will be travelling in the car over the Christmas holidays. This can be really stressful for both children and adults. Children do not generally enjoy sitting in one place, particularly for long periods of time, and particularly when strapped in a […]

Children’s Illnesses and Sleep

At this time of year, with lots of bugs going around, it can feel like a neverending stream of colds, coughs and runny noses. Parents often ask me what they should do about their children’s sleep when they are unwell. My 5 Top Tips When we feel unwell, we all […]

Why boredom is important

Allowing your child to be bored In today’s society, parents are often pressured into keeping their children busy all the time. This could be through attending groups and clubs or being kept busy at home. The words ‘I’m bored!’ often make parents feel uneasy and guilty which leads to that […]