Tips to help with infant eczema

Today, I thought I would talk to you about eczema and offer some suggestions as to how to manage this condition. In this post I will not be discussing what causes eczema but instead provide some practical ways you can use to try and help your little one. Please note: […]

Safety in the Sun

We all want to protect our little ones from the Sun, so with the Summer Holidays starting you may be out and about more. Here are some tips to help you when the sun comes out: Remember even on cloudy days that the Sun’s UV rays can still affect the […]

Exercise for children

Exercise is very important for both children and adults. Developing these habits early on can help ensure it becomes a part of everyday life, supporting growth and development throughout childhood. Here is a guide to help you know how much exercise your child should be getting and why. Babies Even […]

The Fourth Trimester

The Fourth Trimester is the first 3 months of your baby’s life. It is particularly important as it is a time when your baby is adjusting to their new environment and you, as parents, are learning to understand how to meet your baby’s needs. As with all relationships, this doesn’t […]

Children’s Illnesses and Sleep

At this time of year, with lots of bugs going around, it can feel like a neverending stream of colds, coughs and runny noses. Parents often ask me what they should do about their children’s sleep when they are unwell. My 5 Top Tips When we feel unwell, we all […]

Why boredom is important

Allowing your child to be bored In today’s society, parents are often pressured into keeping their children busy all the time. This could be through attending groups and clubs or being kept busy at home. The words ‘I’m bored!’ often make parents feel uneasy and guilty which leads to that […]

Dealing with Short Naps

As lovely as it is when your baby or child sleeps for 2 hours straight once or twice a day, this is often not the reality. We can experience a lot of stress (affecting your child as well) trying to force long block naps and, whilst there are actions we […]

Postnatal and Perinatal Depression

Being pregnant can bring about all sorts of emotions and they will vary from person to person. You might be thrilled with the prospect of being a parent but, alternatively, it may fill you with dread. The same can occur when the baby is born. ‘Oh congratulations, aren’t you lucky!’ […]