Being a Dad

This week, we celebrate the role of dads and how, as a dad, you can support your partner. We will focus on establishing and continuing to have a positive and strong relationship with your child throughout their early years and in the future. Being a new parent can feel overwhelming. […]

Back To Basics – Book your place on a live webinar

With so much information on the internet and advice from well-meaning friends and family, it can be really challenging to know where to start when it comes to supporting your child’s sleep. The difficulty is, in part, down to conflicting information and research and also because your child is unique: […]

Swaddling – why do it and how to swaddle safely

For many years and in many cultures, swaddling has been seen to calm babies and provide more settled sleep. There are different points of view as to whether swaddling is safe, so my blog this week is to lay out the pros and cons and my tips for safe swaddling. […]