Travelling with babies or young children

Are you worried about how to manage Jet Lag? Here are Julie’s Top Tips for Travelling:

  1. Try to work towards the destination time zone, moving forwards or back 20-30 minutes each night.
  2. Make sure that all the family are keeping hydrated. You may want to add a couple more feeds if you have a young baby.
  3. Where possible, breast feed (or use a bottle) on take off and landing to help protect those little ear canals and ear drums.
  4. When you arrive, limit sleep to 2 hours after arrival, unless it is night time.
  5. Get in to the fresh air and daylight as soon as you can and go for a walk for at least an hour to help reset your body clocks.
  6. Take a familiar blanket or bedding from home with you.
  7. Keep the day of arrival as flexible as possible so you can assess what your baby/child’s body is naturally going to do.
  8. Accept that your baby/child will probably go to bed earlier or later than normal and try to be relaxed about this for the first couple of days.
  9. From the time you arrive, arrange your baby/child’s feeding schedule so it matches that of the time zone you are in.
  10. If the baby/child wakes at night, try not to overfeed or interact too much. Keep with the same approaches you would use if they woke in the night at home..
  11. If the baby/child is struggling to return to sleep in the night allow a 30-minute waking period and then put them back to bed
  12. Wake at 6-7am on the first couple of mornings and try to take the baby/child outside as soon as possible for natural light.
  13. Most importantly: Have a great time!