Understanding Postnatal and Perinatal Depression (PND) – Zoom session

Postnatal or Perinatal Depression (PND) is common in women and men. 1 in 10 of parents/expectant parents are diagnosed with PND within a year of the baby’s birth. However, with support, time, gaining an understanding of why you feel how you feel and meeting your own self-care needs, you can start slowly putting one foot in front of the other again.

To aid with with understanding PND and how it can affect you, and to help you come up with a Wellbeing Action Plan, Julie has devised an online workshop session, with follow-up call. Details of the session, the costs and the time of the session can be found below.

Aims of the workshop session

  • To understand what we mean by perinatal and postnatal mental health issues.
  • To identify who is involved with these health issues.
  • To recognise the early signs and symptoms of PND.
  • To understand the causes of PND.
  • To recognise the effects of PND.
  • To find ways to reduce the risk of PND.
  • To identify how PND is different from other forms of depression.
  • To find out how PND affects mums behaviourally, emotionally and physically.
  • To identify the types of therapy and coaching that are available to you, and how to access them.
  • To identify what you can do on a personal level.
  • To show how pregnancy and birth can change and bring challenges to the relationship between parents and between the parents and the child.
  • To find out about the challenges of fatherhood and being a partner.

Ticket costs per parent or couple

  • £15 for the webinar, a 30-minute 1-1 follow-up call and the creation of a personal Wellbeing Action Plan.

Date of session

Please contact Julie if you would be interested in attending a future session.

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