Back to Basics – Foundations of Healthy Sleep for Children

This is an introductory course into Healthy Sleeping and Gentle Parenting taking place at periodic dates throughout the year. There are limited tickets available for each session, so pre-booking is essential.

Please contact Julie if you would be interested in attending a future session.

Course information

Julie talks about building strong foundations for Healthy Sleep in children (0-7’s). There will also be time for Q&A and to hear about Julie’s other workshops and courses for parents.

By the end of the session…

  • You will be introduced to the term ‘Gentle Parenting’.
  • You will have an understanding of how to encourage and achieve good sleep habits.
  • You will recognise some of the barriers which can get in the way of a good night’s sleep.
  • You will have an awareness of why expectations may not match reality.
  • You will see how ‘normal’ and ‘average’ sleep needs can be misleading and damaging.
  • You will understand basic physiology in terms of melatonin and cortisol and their impact, both positive and negative, on sleep.
  • You will understand why ‘Outside time’ is crucial to healthy sleep.
  • You will have a basic understanding of the relationship between diet and sleep.
  • You will be introduced to some of the reasons why we all need to sleep.
  • You will have been introduced to some of the common sleep problems parents face with their children.

Further information and any questions

For more information, or to ask any questions, please contact Julie.