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Julie is a qualified non-medical maternity nurse, Night Nanny  and sleep consultant. She is also able to support families with positive behaviour management strategies. Julie has 30 years experience in childcare, behavioural support and sleep problems. She holds a Degree in Early Years, giving her the knowledge she needs to back up her practical experience. Julie's main interest and the area close to her heart is the need for attachment, security and protection. She believes strongly this is how babies and children thrive short and longer term and this provides a positive foundation for later life; in particular self identity and self esteem.

Emotional well-being for all the family is strongly supported

Types of Challenges Julie can support you with:

-Babies needing to be rocked to sleep- on you or driven in the car

-Falling asleep on the breast and bottle and then waking for this pattern to be repeated

-Separation Anxiety

-Bedtime Resistance

-Sleep Disorders

-Transitioning from Co-Sleeping

-General routines

-Feeding problems including Tongue Tie, Reflux, Breastfeeding.

-Challenging behaviour from Toddlers through to School aged children

Julie uses gentle methods which do not rely on controlled crying or 'cry it out' methods. She does not believe one approach fits all and is therefore sensitive in ensuring all parents have a plan and way forward which meets their personal needs, individual parenting styles and the temperament and needs of the babies and children she works with. Julie believes attachment and emotional security are the foundations on which babies develop in to independent individuals. Helping babies to learn to be dependent on the main carer means they will then become more independent over time. Julie's approach will support you in understanding how this happens and how to achieve your own goals.

Julie believes in providing a discreet, high-quality service and is known for being both friendly and professional, receiving high praise from families she has worked with. She takes pride in knowing that the parents she has worked with can now enjoy their time with their young children and face problems head-on.

Julie is also a qualified tutor teaching Maternity Nurse Courses and Sleep Training to Childcare professionals.

So if you are having a particular problem, or just need a good night's sleep,
please call Julie Heginbottom now on 07885 724662 or email

Please contact Julie by email for her up to date fees and services (August 17) or call on 0788 572 4662

New Terms and Conditions are in place (August 9th 2017) For a copy of these please contact Julie



Julie has worked with families who are seeking sleep support from Cambridge to Norwich through to Essex and further afield when required. 

A sample reference

April 2016

"I would never have imagined that within a week our beautiful baby would have gone from countless night wakings to sleeping through the night and what made it more amazing was that I never did anything that went against my instinct and parenting philosophy. I was there and still am every time she needed me!"

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Julie offers a range of services to suit the needs of families with babies from birth through to children of school age.

For more information please click on the 'services' link on my website and you will then find further details of the different levels of support available


Julie always recommends speaking prior to booking to ensure she is the right person to support you during this sensitive and very private period.

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